Whether you want to gain confidence or just change your look, Innovation offer a wide selection of wigs and hair pieces for men and women together with expert wig fitting and advice. Our Consultants, who are also fully trained hair stylists, offer care, expertise and wig personalisation to ensure the end result is natural-looking and perfect for you.

Innovation Wigs and Hair Loss Clinic

During your one to one consultation, your consultant will explain how to wear your wig / hair piece together with full instructions on maintaining it at home using a selection of products that we can supply. Further aftercare details can be found on our FAQs page.

A wide range of wigs and accessories including:

  • 100% high quality human hair wigs
  • Synthetic hair wigs
  • Wigs for alopecia or thinning hair
  • Wig trees
  • Polystyrene heads
  • Wig shampoo and conditioner (individually or part of a wig care pack)
  • Wig liners / caps
  • Hairspray
  • Wig brushes

Wig Services Offered:

  • Wig cutting & personalisation – to suit your style from a fringe trim, shaping round the face or a restyle including thinning, layering or texture
  • Wig care – aftercare given on how to look after your wig when you take it home – shampooing, maintaining and general care
  • Demonstrations to show you how to put the wig on and off
  • Tips on how to style and create different looks
  • One to one professional wig trained specialists
  • Support throughout and after treatment

Please contact us for appointments and further details.

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